A Birding Paradise

For its size (approx-236,000sq km) Uganda can boast more bird species than any other country in Africa a real birding paradise. With a national list of over 1014 species of birds among which are special birds such as Shoebill and the numerous spectacular endemics of the Albertine Rift valley that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. This is over half of Africa’s bird species hence making it arguably the Richest African birding destination.

The following make Uganda a birding paradise and important for birding;

Uganda is situated in the overlap zone of the major ecological communities of the West African Guinea/Congo Basin Rainforest, which accounts for there being a number of west and central Africa bird species in Uganda, at the easternmost edge of their range. Therefore it is the only country in East Africa where these species can be found, it also spans the convergence of 7 of Africa’s 18 phytochoria, encompassing more than any other nation of the continent.

A variety of habitats, including the Afro-Alpine Zone, Montane Forest, Savannah, Lowland forests, wetlands, dry and semi-arid deserts, with altitude ranging from 600m to 5000m all support their own unique bird communities and are all represented in the 10 national parks.

Uganda lies in the path of the major flyways of millions of Palearctic migrants.

The Albertine rift endemic area, which Uganda shares with Congo & Rwanda, holds 28 endemic species of which 26 are found in Uganda.