1 Day Jinja adventure at its best! 1

Adventure at its best!

Quad Biking

Go on a guided quad bike safari which gives you an opportunity to see special parts of the river Nile and the villages and people that live in this area. All safaris include training and protective clothing.

White water rafting

The White Nile thunders between heavily forested Islands and then leaps widely into a series of spectacular drops….and this is where you will have your thrilling white water rafting experience. You will tackle all the big grade 5 rapids of the Nile with Internationally experienced guides who control each raft and instruct the clients comprehensively on all aspects of safety when rafting. The option of mild or wild rafting is yours to make!

Other activities that you can indulge in are kayaking on the Nile or bungee jumping to touch the Source of the Nile, from the best bungee jumping platform in East Africa