Kampala City Tour 1

1 Day City tour

Kampala the capital of Uganda is an amazing tour destination located in the central region. it is not as advanced as European/American cities but has lots of infrastructural development going on to make the city better. Compared to 1986 post Yoweri Kaguta Museveni gorilla war that ousted Obote II out of power that led to great destruction, Kampala has greatly evolved and it can be asserted that time leaves to see Uganda a great East African city ans hence one of uganda`s prime tour destinations.

Her main tourist attractions to see once on your Uganda safari are majorly precolonial and colonial cites that have a lot historical attachment to all Ugandans. These include; the Kabaka`s (king`s) of Buganda palace, Kasubi tombs (Buganda king`s burial cite), Kabaka`s lake (a man made lake by the king of Buganda) Gothic protestant and catholic Cathedrals, Namugongo martyrs shrine, the Bahai temple, Gadafi Mosque (Uganda Supreme Moslem Council), Kibuli Mosque, Parliament of Uganda plus the central business area.