Car Hire Services

We, at Escape Uganda, understand why you would like to come on holiday in Uganda. We also understand that others prefer the freedom to drive themselves at their leisure and to have a specially tailored tour that fits their requirements.

Looking for someone reliable to assist you in designing your own personalized self-drive tour in Uganda? While we would be the first to admit that road conditions throughout much of Africa are the stuff of infamy, our range of self-drive holidays through Uganda and Rwanda are perfectly manageable.

Major roads are tarred, well- maintained and well-signposted with plenty of friendly service stations along the way. Stick to the wide national roads or turn off onto secondary tarred roads, winding their way through the scenic countryside or over magnificent mountain passes.

We have a range of options to suit everyone depending on your area of interest. If you are a keen 4WD overlander, or maybe you want to treat the family to a private dream safari. We can assist and ensure your tour is an incredible experience.


When you purchase an airline ticket, you are committing to us that you will fly and we are committing to you that you will have a seat. Since we don’t overbook, this means if you cancel or change your reservation close to your departure date, there is no one waiting to buy your seat. We need a minimum of 7 days to try and sell your seat to someone else. Our nonrefundable policy allows us to keep our fares low for all our passengers.